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Small - but has it all... This album has pictures I took ever since I had a digital camera, all over Israel. Starting with the Canon G3 in January 2003, through the Canon S2IS and the current Nikon D80 DSLR.
This album is always under construction as I keep on adding pictures to it, so drop by every now and then...
As usual - your comments and ratings are more than welcome...

Oren Sarid

Haifa - my hometown
(97 Images)
Sunset at the Alexander river
(12 Images)
A day in the HaHula nature reserve
(28 Images)
Sunset at the Achziv Beach
(24 Images)
Fall 2007 at Merom Golan
(28 Images)
A trip to Sinai, Egypt
(52 Images)
Landscapes from the north of Israel
(73 Images)
Landscapes from the center & south Israel
(125 Images)
Cityscapes from Israel
(89 Images)
The Willing fools concert, 26.5.2007
(24 Images)

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