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לגולשים מישראל – זה האתר הישן. גרסה חדשה עם המון תמונות חדשות ותמיכה בעברית, אפשר לראות כאן. אתם מוזמנים לגלוש בינתיים גם כאן ולחזור להתעדכן

This is my old gallery, which is being rebuilt here. The new gallery is not full yet, some pictures can be found only here in the meantime.
This gallery displays pictures I took (and take) around the world, but mostly in Israel, where I live. It is updated on a regular basis with more and more pictures, as I take them, so you're more than welcome to again.
Your comments and ratings are highly appreciated as I consider them a good input for learning and improving.

About the option to buy the pictures: Each page allows you to buy a print (several sizes available) or the original picture. In anycase, those will be without my name on them, of course, and will be shipped to anywhere in the world (prints) or by your PayPal mail (originals).

Thank you,
Oren Sarid

Israel - My beautiful country
(552 Images)
New Zealand, December 2002
(128 Images)
North Italy, September 2003
(108 Images)
Costa Rica, June 2004
(108 Images)
Guatemala, June 2004
(124 Images)
Canada, August 2005
(148 Images)
Romania, May 2006
(160 Images)
Cyprus, October 2006
(100 Images)
Austria, August 2007
(120 Images)
Panoramas from around the world
(34 Images)
Time lapse photography
(3 Images)
Close ups
(12 Images)

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